Your future self

Your future self is waiting for you. What will it look like?

What if you could fast forward five years from now, ten years from now – and meet your future self?

What would your future self look like? Would it be happy and successful? Thriving at work? Doing well in life?  Or would your future self be discouraged? Disappointed? Missing out on all that life has to offer?

If you met your future self, would you discover that the decisions you’re making right now are creating future obstacles….or opportunities?

Things are the way they are because we allow them to be that way. Nothing is life is destined, predetermined or meant to be. It’s decided. Life is chosen. Paths are taken. We are the product of our priorities. We’re the ones, right now, who get to make the decisions, define the terms, shape the roads that ultimately become our future.

Because the future is happening right now.

We don’t get to choose what the world brings to us. But we always get to choose what we bring to the world.

What you look for is what you see. What you believe is what you become.

When you skid a rock across the water, it creates a ripple. It spreads across the surface well beyond its point of impact.

The decisions we make today ripple across time. They reverberate into tomorrow. They become our future. Because our future starts today.

Today – start changing your view of yourself. Start changing your view of the future.  Others are looking to you. They are looking at you. And so the question you need to ask yourself is this:

When people meet your future self, what do you want them to see?

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