A Better You (Part 2)

Four podcasts to help you lead and live with purpose.

It’s amazing how far we can go when life stands still.

Last week’s post kicked off a month-long series on becoming “A Better You.” Featuring four popular episodes from my podcast I Wish They Knew, the round-up offered great insights on discovering our hidden influence, developing a plan for productivity, growing sideways in our careers and finding that missing spark of motivation.

Summertime is the perfect time for rethinking and reflecting. The stillness of summer provides just the right amount of time and space for self-discovery – which just so happens to be the theme of I Wish They Knew.

Now heard in 35 countries around the world, the show features world-renowned business leaders, media personalities, bestselling authors and education reformers. It explores big ideas in short conversations – from learning to loss, purpose to public speaking, work to wellness, and, of course, feedback.

Which is why I’m excited to share another batch of episodes to help you become…a better you.

Turn workplaces into communities (Christine Porath)

Is the modern workplace increasing our happiness and belonging or making us feel lonelier and more disconnected? Christine Porath has a message for our moment: Work needs to be a community where individuals share concern for one another. Christine shows that with the right amount of information sharing, purposeful practices and compassionate candor, work can flourish – and so can the people who do it.

Creativity is everybody’s business (Josh Linkner)

Creativity isn’t a hidden talent that belongs to a select few – it’s a native force that resides in all of us. Josh Linkner shows us how to become everyday innovators and turn creativity into a discipline that can be practiced and learned. Josh breaks down the beliefs and behaviors that lead to creative breakthroughs, how to develop big ideas through testing and experimentation, and how leaders can foster creativity throughout their organizations.

Make your office less toxic (Liane Davey)

From difficult bosses to annoying coworkers and outrageous clients, workplace toxins drain our energy, inhibit our work, crush our spirits and diminish our productivity. Liane Davey is here to fix that by helping us learn how to fight “the good fight.” Liane offers powerful and straightforward techniques for creating healthier conditions that allow us to do and feel our best at work and beyond.

Become a more followable leader (Mark Bowden)

The best communicators understand that how they speak matters just as much as what they say. To become truly followable, leaders need to communicate with consistency. Mark Bowden shows us how to become more followable by earning and keeping the trust of others and offers practical tips for anyone hoping to exert a positive influence on the people with whom we work and live.

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