Joe Hirsch is on a mission to fix the way we work…at work. 

As the managing director of Semaca Partners, Joe  specializes in helping organizations apply behavioral science to strengthen the way leaders train, support and empower their teams for success.
An award-winning educational leader and researcher, Joe has earned accolades from Fortune 500 executives to NFL coaches for his forward-thinking approach to improving organizational culture and effectiveness. Described by Wharton professor Adam Grant as “breath of fresh air,” Joe makes research-based practices more accessible to improve the way people work, learn and lead. (Yes, he’s putting that shiny Ph.D. to good use.)
In The Feedback Fix,  Joe presents a bold alternative to traditional feedback techniques and performance management practices. He’s shared that message as a TEDx and keynote speaker with Fortune 500 leadership teams, members of the U.S. armed forces, and close to 10,000 others across three continents.
When Joe isn’t on stage or writing for publications like Inc., Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal, he’s probably doing something outdoors with his wife and four boys.