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Joe Hirsch delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes for virtual and live events that help others think, laugh and learn something new.

Through his internationally recognized work and research,  Joe blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help teams and leaders thrive. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, gorgeous visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to rethink their assumptions about feedback and solve leadership and communication challenges in fresh, innovative ways.



 Feedforward: Fearless Feedback for All

There are few things more uncomfortable than giving and receiving feedback. Judgment, worry, disappointment, pain – when these deeply-felt emotions enter the conversation, they can complicate relationships, crimp performance, and diminish trust. To create a fearless feedback culture, we need to change its tone and trajectory – starting with a bolder mindset and message.

 In this interactive and evidence-based talk, you’ll discover the power of partnership with “feedforward,” a fearless feedback approach that amplifies strengths, promotes dialogue, and focuses on future success instead of past failure – creating performance partnerships built on real talk and genuine relationships.

 Driven by research and practice, feedforward shifts the dynamics of traditional feedback from blame to contribution, accountability to autonomy, and ratings to growth. Through a lively blend of storytelling, science and strategies, you’ll learn powerful techniques that increase employee agency and resilience, make difficult conversations more manageable, and create results-driven dialogue. Work has changed. With feedforward, so can the way we talk about it.

Keynote overview

  • Activate the full potential of employees with a strengths-based approach to managing talent. 
  • Develop practical tools to recognize and develop the full potential of employees.
  • Drive performance with two-way coaching conversations built on candor, trust and partnership.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion  that drives continuous opportunities for growth and development.
Messaging and Mattering: How Feedback Fosters Workplace Wellbeing

It’s widely recognized that our work reflects our wellbeing. But how we talk about work can dramatically impact the way we feel — delivering either a lift or blow to our standing, sanity and overall sense of self.

Through a lively blend of storytelling, science and strategy, you’ll explore the surprising link between performance feedback and workplace wellbeing. Learn how effective feedback can become a catalyst for emotional fitness, driving more positive and productive dialogue that energizes work, fosters deep connection among teams, and creates a human-centered workplace built on empathy and trust.

By crafting a message of mattering, we enable others to do their best work while experiencing their fullest selves — all while putting people at the center of their career growth and development. When our purpose aligns with our practice, work becomes an elevating experience.

Keynote overview

  • Activate the full potential of your talent with a strengths-based approach to employee development. 
  • Boost workplace well-being through high-touch, high-frequency feedback built around partnership. 
  • Foster a culture of connection and belonging that allows people to experience personal and professional wholeness at work. 
Silo Breakers:  Make Connection Your Competitive Advantage

Why do some companies sit on the leading edge of innovation while others sit on the sidelines? The secret isn’t how they work – it’s what they share. Innovation thrives when ideas flow through networked connections – the breaking of silos that create unwanted friction and competition at work. And unless teams learn how to collaborate freely and fearlessly, they’re likely to fall behind. 

This talk offers an interactive and evidence-based look at how sales-driven organizations can thrive as “silo breakers” – first, by understanding how silos form, then by taking research-driven steps to overcome them. Learn relevant and “right now” strategies that foster collaboration and information sharing among specialized teams. Master the mindsets and methods that deepen connections to customers, partners, vendors, and open resources. Future-proof your organization by creating knowledge cascades that preserve institutional memory and set the conditions for expansive growth.

Collaboration is more than just connected work – it’s the result of shared purpose. This talk will help your organization master the art and science of collaboration to gain an innovative edge that enhances the products it supports and people it serves.

Keynote overview

  • Shift your culture from knowledge “hoarders” to knowledge “brokers.”
  • Master evidence-based tools for effective teaming, collaboration and communication/feedback.
  • Remove the bottlenecks that strangle innovative and integrated practices.
  • Build a workplace culture marked by high-trust relationships.
Change Agents: Stop Scrambling, Start Scaling 

The the only constant in work is change. That’s when the most successful leaders respond with a “coach approach” – the set of messages and methods that help others thrive in the face of uncertainty and rediscover the joy in their work.

In this interactive and evidence-based talk, you’ll discover how leaders at all levels can put high-performance coaching to work for the benefit of their entire organization. Using proven, practical models, you’ll learn how to navigate change as a change agent who builds high-trust, authentic relationships at work and sets the conditions for greater happiness and connection.

Using a three-part plan, you’ll learn how change agents shift the dynamics from fear to safety, chaos to clarity and power to partnership. From sharing critical feedback to creating buy-in and improving teamwork, this talk will inform and inspire you to sustain powerful outcomes across your organization and help others manage change – together.

Keynote overview

  • Communicate your message with confidence, clarity and coherence. 
  • Create psychological safety to help others thrive during times of uncertainty. 
  • Develop high-trust techniques that pull people together, not apart.


  • ZERO DRAMA. No outrageous demands. No diva-like requests. You’ll get a professional who’s accommodating and by your side, every step of the way.
  • CUSTOM CRAFTED. Instead of serving up canned talks,  I take time to get to know your organization, understand its needs, and work with you to make sure that my presentation delivers what you want and expect. Don’t be surprised if I drop by one of your stores, call centers or treatment facilities to spend time with front-line employees!
  • REAL TAKEAWAY VALUE. My talks are focused on one thing: Impact. Your audience will get actionable solutions and strategies that make an immediate difference in their beliefs and behaviors.
  • SCIENCE-BASED. I’m a PhD with a common touch.  Instead of fluff, you get real data, leading-edge research, and best practices — packaged and presented in terms people understand.