NCERT Executive Leadership Conference

Feedforward: The Power of Performance Partnerships

There are few things more difficult than giving difficult feedback. Fear, anger, disappointment, pain – without a dependable strategy, these deeply-felt emotions can strain the workplace and disrupt the flow of work. But it’s not enough to change the message — for great results, leaders need to improve their method.

In this entertaining and evidence-based training, attendees at NCERT’S fall Executive Leadership Conference will learn proven and practical ways to give real-time feedback with real results. By mastering a new feedback mindset (“FeedFORWARD”), leaders will understand how to create performance partnerships that draw upon the skills and strengths of every individual. Packed with actionable insights and aligned with existing performance management practices, this session will show leaders how to communicate for greater authenticity, agency and accountability, all while helping others become the very best versions of themselves.