The Coach Approach to Leading Teams – Schlechty Center



Leading teams requires much more than strong management skills – it demands robust focus on coaching and development. The messages leaders broadcast to their teams carry some pretty high stakes for the way others perceive their performance and their sense of purpose. That primal sense of belonging is what supercharges teams or saps their energy. If leaders don’t take a shot at creating attachment, they might just be leaving people out in the cold.

Too often, leaders feel unprepared to meet these responsibilities, resorting to fly-by tactics that often impede curiosity, collaboration and growth. To build capacity throughout their organizations and/or teams, leaders must hone a “coach approach” that develops the strengths and skills of every member. Not only do emotionally savvy leaders create more happiness, but they also increase productivity. They get more out of the people around them. The easy explanation is that people tend to work better when they feel safer.

From giving high-performance feedback to creating trust and better teamwork, this program provides leaders with deep insights and proven strategies to develop their coachability, sharpen their communication skills, and provide job-embedded support that helps individuals and teams succeed.


  • Understand the neuroscience of giving effective feedback
  • Learn how to reframe supervision as development through the use of coaching conversations
  • Apply proven techniques that boost collaboration, spark creativity and improve team trust

JULY 1, 2019 | Superintendent Leadership Network