Wyoming Hospital Association

Thank you for considering me for your event!

Below you’ll find two different talks that I’ve given to healthcare audiences. Each talk (45-60 minutes) is offered with an option for a 90 minute workshop, providing additional educational value and collaborative opportunities for hands-on practice.

TALK #1: Silo Breakers: A Prescription For Exceptional Patient Care


As health providers confront the changing landscape of care, creating a truly connected patient experience is more important than ever. Powerful disruptions introduced by new technologies demand an even stronger human response: Fearless collaboration between networked care divisions and teams.

This talk offers an evidence-based look at how healthcare organizations can thrive as “silo breakers” – first, by understanding how silos form, then by taking the necessary steps to overcome them. Learn relevant and research-based strategies that foster collaboration and information sharing among specialized teams. Master the mindsets and methods that deepen connections to patients, partners, support services, and open resources. Deliver exceptional care by bringing together your organization’s “team genius” to solve the challenges of today and the unseen opportunities of tomorrow.

Delivering exceptional patient outcomes starts by breaking the functional and philosophical silos that create friction and fragmentation among frontline providers. This talk is intended to help leaders at all levels foster collaboration, improve communication across divisions, and empower individuals to deepen their own self-awareness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift your organizational mindset from “knowledge holders” to “knowledge brokers”
  • Master evidence-based tools for effective communication and feedback
  • Remove the bottlenecks that strangle innovative and integrated practices
  • Build a workplace culture of high-trust, equitable and inclusive relationships

TALK #2: Feedforward, Not Feedback: The Power of Performance Partnerships


There are few things more difficult than giving difficult feedback. Fear, anger, disappointment, pain – without a dependable strategy, these deeply-felt emotions can complicate relationships and even disrupt the flow of work. The strain can be especially acute in hospitals, where teams of caregivers must communicate in fast-moving, high-pressured conditions with lives on the line.

Delivering an exceptional patient experience starts with fearless communication between frontline teams — and a new mindset about giving feedback.

In this entertaining and evidence-based talk, leaders at all levels will learn proven and practical ways to turn feedback into a driver of positivity and potential. By mastering a new feedback mindset (“FeedFORWARD”), leaders will understand how to create performance partnerships that draw upon the skills and strengths of individuals at every point of patient contact.

Packed with actionable insights and real takeaway value, this talk will give you the tools to form a new feedback mindset that eliminates conflict and builds every team’s capacity to communicate with greater authenticity, agency and accountability. Easy to learn and proven to work, FeedFORWARD will strengthen your workplace culture and relationships while elevating the care patients need and deserve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manage work flow and productivity with confidence and clarity
  • Maintain accountability while encouraging greater teamwork and trust
  • Create a strengths-based approach to performance management that’s part of everyday experiences
  • Master proven and practical techniques that foster a culture of coaching and support